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Albatros D.V Upper Wing Framework
A quick update -- the Albatros top wing framework modeling is largely complete. A few details remain and then it goes to the paint shop. This represents not qui...
Aircraft in Pixels is growing!
Work continues furiously on four major areas of Aircraft in Pixels: User configurable material properties Finalization of the Albatros D.V/a model geometry An a...
The Slog Continues...
The next update to Aircraft in Pixels / Albatros D.V will bring a slew of new features, the most exciting of which is probably the customizable project material...
Sneak Peak: Custom Wood Paneling
It's been a while since the last update, partly because the features that are planned for the next release can't really be added incrementally. In the meantime...
Version 0.1.8: Hotfix
Version 0.1.8 Hotfix Fixes Missing masks for "Strähle" project replaced Partial projects were not appearing correctly in photo studio, this is fixed Additions...
2 files — 0.1.8
V.0.1.7: A Spandau Ballet?
This update is almost entirely a content update concentrating on the 3D artwork of the Albatros D.V/a model, and it's a big one. Here's a quick rundown of what'...
2 files — 0.1.7
Version 0.1.6: Bavarians!
Version 0.1.6 brings masks and decals for the Jasta 76b Rautenflagge tailed Albatros flown by 17 victory ace Hans Böhning. There are a number of other small en...
2 files — 0.1.6
Version 0.1.5: Blueprints, parts
The latest update to Aircraft in Pixels | Albatros D.V brings dozens of new parts and eight new assembly steps, as I continue to flesh out the content for this...
2 files — 0.1.5