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Sneak Peak: Custom Wood Paneling
It's been a while since the last update, partly because the features that are planned for the next release can't really be added incrementally. In the meantime...
Version 0.1.8: Hotfix
Version 0.1.8 Hotfix Fixes Missing masks for "Strähle" project replaced Partial projects were not appearing correctly in photo studio, this is fixed Additions...
2 files — 0.1.8
V.0.1.7: A Spandau Ballet?
This update is almost entirely a content update concentrating on the 3D artwork of the Albatros D.V/a model, and it's a big one. Here's a quick rundown of what'...
2 files — 0.1.7
Version 0.1.6: Bavarians!
Version 0.1.6 brings masks and decals for the Jasta 76b Rautenflagge tailed Albatros flown by 17 victory ace Hans Böhning. There are a number of other small en...
2 files — 0.1.6
Version 0.1.5: Blueprints, parts
The latest update to Aircraft in Pixels | Albatros D.V brings dozens of new parts and eight new assembly steps, as I continue to flesh out the content for this...
2 files — 0.1.5
Version 0.1.3 -- new cockpit details
Today's update brings the highly detailed fuel control panel, so distinctive to the cockpit of Albatros fighters, to the model. The panel consists of 40 separat...
2 files — 0.1.3
Version 0.1.0 : Stash, Bench & Shelf
Today's update focuses completely on the life of your virtual model kit project, from stash to shelf: Stash: Here is where all new projects are started. In the...
2 files — 0.1.0
Version 0.0.12 Update
Here's a quick rundown of what's new in 0.0.12 UI Tweaks: All activity screens now have help settings and hamburger menu for basic navigation More Control over...
2 files — 0.0.12