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Version 0.1.0 : Stash, Bench & Shelf
Today's update focuses completely on the life of your virtual model kit project, from stash to shelf: Stash: Here is where all new projects are started. In the...
2 files — 0.1.0
Version 0.0.12 Update
Here's a quick rundown of what's new in 0.0.12 UI Tweaks: All activity screens now have help settings and hamburger menu for basic navigation More Control over...
2 files — 0.0.12
Version 0.0.8 Update -- Photo Studio and More
Lots of great additions with today's update, 0.0.8. First, the boring stuff -- I have eliminated all the places where "you can't get there from here" without q...
2 files
Version 0.0.7 Update
I was able to find some time to implement much of the paint mixing and inventory system. These enhancements are now live with the latest patch (0.0.7). The pai...
2 files
Near term roadmap
Just a quick update on what I'm working on for the next update to Aircraft in Pixels. My development philosophy is always to try to address the worst / most gla...
Version 0.0.6 Update
Version 0.0.6 went up last night. Here is a summary of what's new and changed: • Isolated scrap view for lower fuselage and struts. There is a new 2D paintin...
2 files
Version 0.0.5 -- bug fix & content update
Tonight's update fixes a bug where saving a model's paint scheme with a mask active would cause the mask proxy (i.e. "the masking tape") to be burned permanent...
2 files
What The Heck Is This?
A Virtual Model Airplane Kit? What? I love building model airplanes, and for a long time have contemplated whether there might be some way to capture the essen...
4 files