A downloadable virtual model airplane for Windows and macOS

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Build, paint and decal a highly realistic model World War 1 biplane without the fumes or sticking your fingers together!

This virtual kit features many dozens of parts which go  together to assemble the iconic Albatros D.V fighter used by virtually all the famous German flying aces in the first world war. Assemble the  fuselage frame former by former and stick by stick.  Add cockpit controls and propulsion systems. Skin the fuselage with plywood panels. Go on to the painting module and finish your module using historically accurate colors and decals and masks to to create a perfect virtual replica of a Flying Circus fighter plane. 

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Soft Rollout Beta pricing

During the beta period, get Aircraft in Pixels for the introductory price of $8.99. You'll get all future updates to the core app. This offer expires when the app graduates from beta status, so don't delay!

You will get access to the following files:

aircraft-in-pixels-2-osx-beta.zip 180 MB
Version 0.1.8
aircraft-in-pixels-2-windows-beta.zip 171 MB
Version 0.1.8

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