V.0.1.7: A Spandau Ballet?

This update is almost entirely a content update concentrating on the 3D artwork of the Albatros D.V/a model, and it's a big one. Here's a quick rundown of what's been added:

New Parts

  • Radiator pipes
  • Oil tank, straps and mounting blocks
  • Ignition wires
  • Cockpit floor
  • Control stick (D.V version)
  • Rudder pedals (D.V version)

Redone, with New Textures and Geometry

  • Fuselage formers 1 - 8 (increased polygon count, resulting in much more realistic contours)
  • Cockpit opening doubler
  • Fuel tank, caps & sending unit
  • Bosch ZHC magnetos
  • Single  cylinder air pump

New Textures

  • LMG08/15 "Spandau" machine guns
  • Pilot seat & rails
  • MG mounts
  • Mercedes D.IIIa cylinders & valve gear
  • Mercedes D.IIIa crankcase (but still WIP)
  • Ammunition "cans"
  • Empty belt chutes and "can"
  • "Bicycle" air pump for pressurizing fuel system
  • Water pump greaser

While this is almost entirely a content update, I have addressed a few small bugs with this build:

  • "Spinning" spinner in studio mode is now correctly textured
  • Also in studio mode -- the camera's far clipping plane has been pushed much further back, fixing the model's tendency to disappear when zooming out.

Beyond these easily itemized changes, I've made hundred of minor tweaks in a continuing effort to make the model as realistic and accurate as possible.

The list of things left to do is still long, but it is getting shorter! With this update I think much of the model is starting to approach the level of visual verisimilitude I've envisioned from the start.

 Thanks for reading!

-- Bo Monroe

Muddy Wisconsin


aircraft-in-pixels-2-osx-beta.zip 180 MB
Version 0.1.7 Mar 20, 2019
aircraft-in-pixels-2-windows-beta.zip 171 MB
Version 0.1.7 Mar 20, 2019

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