Version 0.1.5: Blueprints, parts

The latest update to Aircraft in Pixels | Albatros D.V brings dozens of new parts and eight new assembly steps,  as I continue to flesh out the content for this title. Each assembly step is now preceded with a blueprint, to give you a better idea of what goes where.  At the same time, I've tweaked the difficulty -- parts need to be nearer than previously for them to "light up and lock."

Major new parts in this update are the complete lower wing framework, as well as separately modeled cowlings, hatches, louvers and assorted bits and bobs that attach to the fuselage skin.  The horizontal stabilizers and elevator are also completely redone, bringing these elements to finished quality.

There's lot more to come, but until then, I hope you enjoy this update.


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Version 0.1.5 Mar 04, 2019 171 MB
Version 0.1.5 Mar 04, 2019

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