Version 0.0.12 Update

Here's a quick rundown of what's new in 0.0.12

UI Tweaks:

All activity screens now have help settings and hamburger menu for basic navigation

More Control over settings:

All activity screens now allow you directly control settings. You can now choose a background color. In the Paint  level, you can set the number of brushes laid done before the paint "dries." Setting this to a lower number might be helpful if you are having issues with the app bogging (or crashing) while painting.

Projects are now actually Projects.

All projects now have all the assembly steps that are currently available. There are many more coming, and those that are now in game will doubtless be modified as the project evolves and is polished. But no more "two steps and then paint."  Note: several people have commented about step numbers being out of sequence/ confusing -- this is a known issue and will be addressed soon.

Thanks for your support!


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Version 0.0.12 Feb 08, 2019

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