Near term roadmap

Just a quick update on what I'm working on for the next update to Aircraft in Pixels. My development philosophy is always to try to address the worst / most glaring problems first, whether they be bugs, missing features or content. And right now, to me, the most glaring problem is the lack of user control over paint colors and properties. To that end, I'm currently working on a system where the user can add paints to the color shelf, as well as edit the properties of the existing colors. User-defined paints (they are not just colors -- they can have translucency, gloss and metallic properties) will be saved and optionally avaiable across all user projects.

Expect the paint editor system to make its debut with the next update (0.0.7). That update will probably be late this week or early next week.

Also to be included for sure with 0.0.7 are actually helpful help files -- these are written and ready to go.

Thanks as always for your support,

Bo Monroe

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