Version 0.0.6 Update

Version 0.0.6 went up last night. 

Here is a summary of what's new and changed:

• Isolated scrap view for lower fuselage and struts.

There is a new 2D painting view that isolates  a number of parts that are otherwise difficult to paint. This includes all of the struts (both sides), the axle fairing, the wheels and also the underside of the fuselage.

• Warning and option to save before leaving paint scene.

Like it says -- before quitting the app or exiting back to the main scene, you are given the choice to save first. Duh.

• “Get More Options” and “Custom Project” buttons still don’t do anything, but at least now they tell you so.

Not very exciting, but at least you don't have to wonder if you are doing something wrong or if something is broken.

• UI revisions in paint studio.

I replaced the old "2D" button with a new icon with a camera and cycling arrows, hopefully to indicate the action of cycling thru the available views. There is now a collapsing hamburger menu for basic functions (quit, quit to main & save) to get these out of the way when ot needed. There is also a help button! Which brings us to:

• Basic help system implemented.

Each of the main modules now has a button to display a help file. However, I still need to finish writing the help content!

• Motor, fuel tanks & ammo cans now part of construction.

The models, and especially the textures are placeholder-ish, but these important components are now part of the basic assembly process (currently only seen in the strip down project.)

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Version 6 Feb 03, 2019

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